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Balloon Ride

September: Number 18

What an experience! My Mother and I were booked to go on a hot air balloon flight at the start of August during a 'Hot Air Balloon Fiesta', alas it was too windy. I was pretty disappointed having driven 4 hours to get there, but we were lucky enough to get a splendid day for a flight in September (it was the 5th attempt for one of our fellow travellers). It truly is peaceful up there amongst the clouds, where the birds fly. Can't wait to go again someday.


August: Sorrento, Italy

There are a number of countries on my 'travel list' and I can now put a pin in Italy. With manic moped driving, waiters as a taxi service, a roof terrace that may as well have been our own private roof terrace, a fair amount of Prosecco, reading a third of War and Peace, a trip to Pompeii and a dancing Jesus.


June: Self

I'm normally the one behind the camera, unless I've had a few alcoholic colas in which case you'll probably find I've borrowed your camera and taken a series of photos of myself. This is my favourite camera. And I like hats. Maybe later in the project I'll be more confident about 'self' and stop hiding behind a camera.

Nature Reserve

May: Nature. Reserve.

Since I've taken up runnning I've spent a lot more time in parks, nature reserves and the fields round the back of my house. This is great as I'm a fan of the outdoors, my only complaint is that it's very difficult to photograph the view while running (yes, I've tried). I went back to the local nature reserve the day after a run to capture a few of the things that caught my eye.

Polaroid Cameras

April: It's a Polaroid Thing

I've always had a keen interest in photography, both analogue and digital. But my love lies with analogue, more specifically instant film. I'm constantly surprised by the colours and tones you get with instant film, the dream like quality, not to mention that thrill you get waiting for the image to develop. These are a handful from my Polaroid camera collection. By taking on a different series each month I'm looking to upskill myself in the ways of digital photography so that hopefully by the end of the year my love will include my DSLR as well. After all, there's enough to go around.